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Icons and Wallpapers! With flowy sleeves!

Sharkbait is my homeboy.

Icons And Wallpapers! With flowy sleeves! :D
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An icon/wallpaper/graphics of any sort that we wanna make maintained by ladyof_shalottt and negiramenofdoom.

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So, yes, there are rules. Because ladyof_shalottt and negiramenofdoom are so nice, the rules are the same! Because if we were mean, there would be two sets of insanely long and absurd rules for you to look through! :D

1: Don't steal icons. That means that you SHOULD credit (it's not UBER-required, and we're not going to eat you if you don't... at least negiramenofdoom won't.), and DEFINATELY don't say that you made them. Because that will make us eat you.

2: Don't bug us to make icons/wallpapers of a certain fandom, particularly ones that we're not in. We make what we want to, and if you don't like it, then... Um, I don't know what to tell you.

3: Comment! Comments are love. On both icons and wallpapers.

4: Constructive critisism is awesome too. Just make sure it's constructive and not a downright flame. Because those aren't awesome.

5: If you REALLY like the icons... join? Please? :D

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negiramenofdoom was stupid on her downloading spree from icon_extras and didn't get down the names of people who made the textures. From the ones that ARE in the filenames, she uses textures from:
And that's all that're in the filenames. If you see textures that are by you, tell me and I'll list them here.

Hybrid Genesis


MFN, Phantom and other musical pictures
Paradigm City, Big O pictures
IMDB, movie image galleries
TheForce.net, Star Wars galleries
Swan Princess pictures
Attack of the Clones Photos , by deadbetty
Empire Strikes Back Photos , by deadbetty
Return of the Jedi Photos , by deadbetty
Wikipedia Images
Google Image Search (LOVE. <3)

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